Lean Food Startup, Columbia-Union Kitchen Event

Just a quick update on the Lean Food Startup panel sponsored in part by Columbia Food Lab and Columbia-Union Kitchen last night.

It was a very successful inaugural event, with about 80 attendees. Three panelists discussed the ins and outs of being a food entrepreneur, and trying to keep things lean. Our panelists were:

In addition to panel discussion and Q&A, attendees also got a chance to tour the kitchen at Union Seminary, which hosted the event last night. Columbia Food Lab and Union Seminary are working on converting the Seminary’s underused kitchen into a new kitchen incubator. The kitchen does need a thorough cleaning, and perhaps some equipment upgrades, but it does already have several solid pieces of capital equipment, and a ton of storage space. More news on this as it develops.

As we get the video we took edited, we’ll be posting some segments of the panel here. We’ll also have some more events planned for the Lean Food Startup NYC Meetup group. If you’ve got questions you’d like us to answer about food startups, comment here, and we’ll see if we can’t get you the info you need.


5 thoughts on “Lean Food Startup, Columbia-Union Kitchen Event

  1. S. Ifeh Barnes says:

    Hi, I am very interested in your culinary incubator at the seminary. Is it at all possible to get an independent tour of the kitchen? When do you think the kitchen will be ready? I live in the area and would be very happy to drop in when convenient. Since I was not able to attend the workshop last week I feel as though I missed a lot. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention. Ifeh Barnes

    • yumspring says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest in the kitchen. I believe it is possible to get a tour of the kitchen, however, at this time, the kitchen does still need a thorough cleaning and perhaps a few new pieces of equipment. Do you want to see it in its present condition or wait until there is some more work done?

  2. Lauren Broffman says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone about the kitchen! No reply on email or from twitter – who can I talk to about becoming part of the community??

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