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Lean Food Startup NYC Meetup 1 Wrap

LFS NYC Meetup 1 (1)

Thanks to those of you who came for the first installment of Lean Food Startup NYC meetup!

Tonight, we covered the context of lean startup, basic underlying principles, explored the concept of startups as a series of untested hypotheses, and posed the question of whether or not lean startup practices can be applied to food.

We also took some time as a group to go over the Business Model Canvas, which is a variant of the Lean Canvas. You can view a quick video about it here.

We used as a case study, and the results are logged in the slides which you can download here: LFS NYC Meetup 1 Slides – PDF

Lastly, we wrapped up with some discussion about how we could best structure future meetups, and a call to action for people to read up about lean startup, and try to put some practices to use in their own food startups. Try to do a business model canvas on your own, and if you like, share your results. We also proposed different ways we could make use of the meetup discussion board as well as this blog. If you have ideas/content you’d like to discuss, or post, let us know.

Till next time!
Lean Food Startup Team